Thanks to the artists, teachers, Professors, and book lovers who have sent magazines, books and money to the project, we are slowly but surely filling in the shelves of the Living Library. It's never to late to get involved! 

The Living Library is open to P.O.R.C.H.ies, artists in residency and workshop participants all year around! Please get in touch with us for further information:

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Starting point for the Living Library

How does the history of dance and performance infuse our artistic expression? Who, what and where are we drawing from in this history? What is the physical and historical impact we have on the landscape of contemporary performance? And, where are we going? 

What is practical knowledge? What is theoretical knowledge? What is embodied knowledge? Do we have a specialist in the room?


A cross disciplinary library presenting influential and compelling texts, documents, film and magazines in the field of contemporary performance practices and discussions.

A growing collection of documents created by the artist communities connected to Ponderosa.

A compilation of Ponderosa‘s historical material including videos and pictures of performances, workshops, building sites, interviews, documentaries as well as dance films, personal writing and articles from the past 13 years.

A space to curate events around books, archives, documentation: lectures, reading performances, writing laboratories, video projections, book jams, … 

An academic summer school for university, masters and Ph.D students. 

A countryside retreat for dancers who write and writers who move.

A hub for artists, academics and the village community to share knowledge, practice, and intellectual processes.


1 - Bring attention to the vast amount of theoretical and historical documents that exist in the fields of dance, performance and art.

2 - Encourage the younger generations of dancers and performers to engage with the library, documentation, and making history.

3 - Inhabit / incarnate a physical space to unfold the archives left by the wide community of artists who have gathered here, and to open up a physical, tangible and continuous web of information, papers and visuals.

4 - Establish ongoing exchanges and residencies with academic institutions in parallel  with the training, improvisation and performance program.

5 - Curate events that revolve around and that experiment with books, documentation, and archives. 

6 - Provoke artists to go further with their writing and documentation processes.

The Living Library project is keen to see how academic, performance and dance theory, as well as our writing practices, can take deeper roots within the Ponderosa programs, workshops and educational endeavors.

As a living and moving archive, we intend to rethink, rewrite, demystify, translate and recycle the texts and documents that have been created—without allowing them to idle on the shelves.

Having said that, the Living Library will also function as a platform to support artists in their personal writings and publications. Most publications are written by writers and dance critics. The American dance magazine Contact Quarterly is still on of the only publication written by artists for everyone.


In October 2013, Saliq Savage (USA) - dancer, Body-Mind Centering® teacher, and longtime supporter of Ponderosa, offered a space located in the village to host the Living Library. 

The space is equipped with a fireplace, wooden floors and a gallery boasting antique bookshelves.

We're looking forwards to your visit!