Once again the clocks turn back and summer seems like an upside down birthday cake. What another fabulous summer festival has transpired! Collaborations galore, experimental moments and everyday movements coming into a three dimensional new view. Blue Pony shirts were distributed, witch-bitch-butch-switch tees manifested in discussion and performances, and we finally reached our goal of enough fresh salad from the ponderosa garden for the entire summer. Those were not witches, but salad elves! Many, many thanks to all who seeded, washed and cocreated our gorgeous, arty meals.


Huge thanks to all who conversed, filmed, danced, taught, exchanged and learned to write about what we do (under the witty Elizabeth Zimmmer's tuteledge!) -  all in this non-stop P.O.R.C.H./ponderosa liminal world.


Our 2015 calender will be posted shortly and ready to investigate. Maher is picking up her MFA in the USA and will be bringing some easy going scholars into the library, Peter Pleyer and Maria Franscesca Scaroni are imbedded deeply into the P.O.R.C.H. 2015 Performance Module, Hennessy will reappear and the magical Hermesdorf  will bring her fire horse again. CQ will celebrate 40 years, and for sure we will Jam, Jam, Jam and read CQ and Artist-in-Residence (especially visual artists, musicians, builders and designers) should continue to apply. We hope to install a beginner program during September/October 2015 - stay tuned for this announcement! 


P.O.R.C.H. extended people are all over the world as we "speak," now creating brilliant new works that are consciously extending this generosity of collaboration and of cultural resources. We hope to soon get a clear calendar/confirmation from Kirstie Simson, Hanna Hegensheidt, Eva Karczag,  Miguel Gutierrez, Benoit Lachambre, Jules Beckman and Jennifer Lacey.

Come and join us next summer for another dance summer in Stolzenhagen. The festival program will be up February 2015.

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Your Ponderosa Team

Ponderosa is an international artist run/nonprofit organization that encourages the expression of the creative body and mind, the esoteric critic and the conceptual freak. Ponderosa, an orientation in multi-disciplinary layers turning the regular into dance and art.