New! Ponderosa Winter Residency

Photo: Agnė Auželytė, 2015

During a winter Ponderosa retreat you have the possibility to make use of a small cozy dance studio, a library, a sauna and a common space for cooking and eating. All of these spaces are heatable. Ideal for writing, reading, choreographing, researching. Come alone, with your family or collaborators.  Click here for more info.

For registration contact Agnė Auželytė : agneauzelyte@ponderosa-dance.de


2015 summer program is ready to go!

A summer of church is being proposed. Here is a glimpse of what the dialogue looks like:

 Some of it is science fiction, some of it is the next generation releasing from a        Skinner framework, lots of image work, deep state work, wild and non-anatomical dancing …..… there’s so much talk now about choreographic “thinking” and maybe we can redirect that to embodied wisdom/intelligence, starting with the pelvis/ass & hips. Some of it is the return of synchronicity in a queen fierce/fierce queen kinda way. Some of it is just doing couples therapy! ......  How much attention do we give to what is fixed in the world? be it an object, our comfort, that hierarchy, a dance or a vegetable coming out of the proposed sustainable garden? …… John Cage said that our job as artists “is to present another possibility to reconsider our world.” Hence the church theme fits rather well, doesn’t it? …… and then how smart should we be? That is the Smart Ass church part ……What about all that subliminal information out there ? Church is good for that too! plus a sci -fi angle of course ……

We are done with utopia, we can still be mad about the economy and we can decide to bring in more ethics to our aesthetic and march to a folk beat drum or continue to do contact improvisation this summer at ponderosa and tune into the oracles during our P.O.R.C.H intensive modules.

…… Well, I think Smart Ass could be amazing.

In 1975 Patty Smith tears into space and time with her epic classic Babelogue beginning with “I haven’t fucked much with the past but I’ve fucked plenty with the future."

P.O.R.C.H. Summer School 2015

Ponderosa Ongoin Research Collaboration Happenings

Photo: Tom O'Doherty, 2014

The Cutting Edge and Transformation - Apply Now!

A three month intensive project inspired by the many years of international collaborations and the networking of ponderosa artists. The program is guided by a professional team of curators and faculty successfully active in the creative and performance fields from various countries. During  three individual month-long modules, P.O.R.C.H. presents a diverse training ground for a new or continuing perspective in performance and improvisational life practice.

We highly suggest committing to all three modules for an expansive range of body based techniques and compositional forms to enliven your work as a performer, improviser or teacher. If that's interesting for you, register for all three Modules by March 31, and get a 10% discount on workshop fees as well as for food & housing, of all modules.

P.O.R.C.H. / AC  Improvisation/Training module:  June 1 – 28

P.O.R.C.H. Performance module:  July 9 – 29

P.O.R.C.H. Choreographic module:  August 15 – 31

Apply Now !! Send CV and Letter of Interest to: info@ponderosa-dance.de

p.o.r.c.h & con|verge Opportunity

Photo: Tom O'Doherty, 2014

This year, the choreographic module of P.O.R.C.H. will be primarily focusing on ones own solo process.  A collaborative choreographic team will lead two hours of group practice per day and then individual non-structured working time. Individuals will have enough studio time to create their own work, with access to constructive feedback, artistic exchange & research. 

We are offering a new opportunity to stay on after the P.O.R.C.H. module to work collaboratively with Con|VERGE facilitated by Mary Pearson and Miriam Wolodarski. We highly recommend this progression as a great addition to your solo process. 

For the arrival of the Con|VERGE guests, we will present our solo works and introduce ourselves. We encourage you to stay on at ponderosa, making the best of collaboration by contributing to our growing network of international artistic exchange. Please apply separately for each program. We will provide a discount for those choosing to attend both programs.

Weekend ci jam, July 17-19 - Save the dates

work exchange opportunities

Find your way to join the Ponderosa Team and the special summer experience!

Our work exchange options are based on the idea that, together we will find a balance between working, creating and living through the intensive summer months of ponderosa. We hope to learn from one another through a continuous dialogue while dividing our attention between the many classes, workshops, meeting our artists in residence (AIR) and experiencing people from various working and life cultures who bring in a rich range of  talents  and experiences.

We are currently looking for long-term helpers starting in May and offering short term work exchange for the week of June 15-21.

Our wonderful work exchange organizer is Kata Kovács, please contact her for any questions or more information: katakovacs@ponderosa-dance.de

Your Ponderosa Team
Uli, Steph, Agne, Kata, Carol & Adi

Write us to: info@ponderosa-dance.de

Ponderosa is an international artist run/nonprofit organization that encourages the expression of the creative body and mind, the esoteric critic and the conceptual freak. Ponderosa, an orientation in multi-disciplinary layers turning the regular into dance and art. 

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